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Abacus Program

Practicing the abacus with both hands helps your child master the key to abacus mental arithmetic.
Activate the potential of your child and reap the benefits for a lifetime.

Abacus Mental Arithmetic Benefits

  • Improve the overall academic performance and grades
  • Improve math ability
  • Develop the capabilities of the left and right brain
  • Enhance the capacity of logical reasoning
  • Promotion of cognitive intuition
  • Improve problem solving ability
  • Enhance creativity
  • Enhance memory
  • Increase concentration (photographic memory)
  • Improve understanding

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What is the secret behind Abacus-Mental Arithmetic?

By utilizing the abacus, during the process of seeing, hearing, moving with hands and calculating with the mind, the functions of the various body parts of the child will be coordinated which in turn stimulate the balanced development of the right and left brain.

By transforming the abacus to mental arithmetic, the speed of calculation will increase from double to ten times faster, reaching the optimal condition for the development of the entire brain. It enhances the image reflection of the right brain for the child to reach the calculation speed of a math genius. Also, with both hands at the abacus, both the right and the left brain will be utilized simultaneously developing the overall functions of the whole brain.

Age Group:4 - 12
Class Schedule: Two hours per week.
Course Structure: 3 months per term with a performance evaluation at the end of each term. Students should pass the evaluation to advance into the next level.