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Mathematics Curriculum

The Math & Kids Mathematics curriculum was developed under the guidance of recognized math educators and authors to align to the Common Core Mathematics standards. The curriculum was designed to build strong conceptual understanding hand in hand with computation skills. Entire strands devoted to measurement, geometry and spatial sense, problem solving, and estimation are included in the curriculum.

Mathematics Program Features

  • The math curriculum help students to understand abstract mathematical concepts through realistic manipulatives and to connect mathematics with real life situations and contexts.
  • A formalized approach to problem solving is integrated with effective strategies and tactics - all applied to realistic situations.
  • Strategies of mental arithmetic and the use of Text book, calculators, rulers, protractors) are incorporated at all levels.
  • Teaching instruction, help and feedback at all levels of the math curriculum enhance learning and support the needs of limited English proficient students.

Aligned to Common Core Standards

Problem Solving
A four step approach to problem solving is taught. Tutorial lessons stress the process of developing and carrying out a strategy to come up with solutions.

Mathematics as Communication
Students learn to communicate using mathematical notation and vocabulary. Both are taught in conjunction with relevant skills and reinforced in subsequent lessons.

Mathematical Connections
Students learn to recognize when a mathematical solution to a real-world problem is possible, and alternative solutions to problems and the relationship between the different mathematics topics.

Technology as Tools
Technological computing terms are incorporated in problem-solving situations.