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Reading Curriculum

The Math & Kids Reading curriculum provides on individualized approach to developing reading skills, comprehension and higher order thinking skills among both new readers and struggling readers of all ages. Spelling, language usage, and written communication skills are developed in tandem with reading comprehension. Higher order thinking skills are both taught and applied throughout the curriculum.

Reading Program Features

  • Diagnostic tests administered and scored by computer assess each student's starting skills in six reading strands.
  • Individualized assignments begin at the student's diagnosed level to build reading skills, fluency and comprehension.
  • Interactive multimedia lessons incorporate photos, illustrations, animations, video, audio and glossaries.
  • Program embedded mastery testing monitors progress and governs the pace of learning.
  • A complete writing curriculum provides explicit instruction and writing practice and can be implemented in a cooperative learning model.

Reading Requirements

Phonemic Awareness
Early reading lessons systematically develop the relationship between letter sounds and written words, supported by graphics and audio explanations.

A systematic, synthetic phonics approach is tailored to each student's skill proficiency. Students progress from phonemes to morphemes to words, allowing the construction of meaning at the earliest point in time.

Vocabulary Development
Vocabulary is introduced and practiced within the context of cross curricula reading materials and in the spelling program

Reading Fluency
Lessons and companion books provides access to engaging reading material and opportunities to practice reading skills.

Comprehension Development
Carefully structured questioning develops comprehension of narrative and expository content. Linked writing exercises develop higher level comprehension.